Evo II Dual 640T RTK Rugged Bundle V3

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Evo II Dual 640T RTK Rugged Bundle V3
Evo II Dual 640T RTK Rugged Bundle V3
Evo II Dual 640T RTK Rugged Bundle V3
Evo II Dual 640T RTK Rugged Bundle V3

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Unrivaled Accuracy and Control. The EVO II Dual 640T RTK can accurately detect heat sources within a distance of 2-5 meters. By leveraging the compensation algorithm of infrared temperature measurement, the 640T RTK can regulate temperature deviations within 3 degrees Celsius.

Multiple Color Modes
10 color schemes to enable more vivid scene recognition


The EVO II RTK series integrates an entirely new RTK module, which provides real-time centimeter-level positioning data and supports Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK). The aircraft can record the original satellite observation data, camera exposure parameters and various other data. The positioning system supports A-RTK base station and RTK network, which helps to achieve accurate and stable data acquisition in complex operation environments.


EVO II Dual 640T RTK is equipped with a high resolution thermal imaging camera and 8K visible light camera, enabling you to capture highly detailed imagery to achieve optimal insights.


EVO II Pro RTK has high dynamic range and powerful low light performance, enabling users to capture clear imagery without missing any detailed information.

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