Maverick Tactical is a pioneer in advanced unmanned systems for law enforcement and military applications. Founded with a commitment to technological innovation and tactical excellence, we specialize in providing robust and reliable solutions to meet the demanding needs of modern defense and security operations.


About Maverick Tactical

Maverick Tactical stands at the forefront of unmanned system solutions, catering specifically to the demanding needs of law enforcement and military operations. As a distinguished provider in the USA, we specialize in a broad range of integrated, enterprise-class unmanned systems and services. Each of our solutions is engineered to deliver unique capabilities, and when combined, they form powerful, configurable tools that not only meet but exceed the operational demands of our clients, driving transformation in defense and security sectors.

Operational Domains:

Our unmanned systems excel in diverse fields including law enforcement operations, public safety, disaster and crowd management, security and surveillance, crisis response, and other critical military applications.

Our Expertise and Solutions:

At Maverick Tactical, headquartered in Savage, Minnesota, our team is a dynamic blend of experienced filmmakers, engineers, forward-thinking innovators, and skilled pilots, both manned and unmanned. In challenging environments, we deploy top-tier industrial platforms, capable of capturing exceptional cinematic footage from any altitude or perspective. Our fleet is equipped with advanced technologies like NDVI and LiDAR sensors, UAV Granule Spreaders, UAV Spray Systems, Thermal Sensors, Gas Detection Sensors, high-zoom cameras, and robust drones capable of operating under extreme conditions. Our consistent innovation and diverse array of systems empower clients to achieve their strategic objectives effectively.

Certifications and Experience:

Maverick Tactical is Part 107, Part 137, and DOT Approved, ensuring legal compliance for commercial unmanned aerial operations. Our pilots boast over 20 years of RC flight experience, with more than 1000 hours logged, providing our clients with the assurance of safety, confidence, and transparency. We are fully insured and prioritize safe operations in all our missions. Our specialized team of UAV engineers is adept at repairs, custom integrations, and designing UAV solutions tailored to specific industry needs, exemplifying the best in American design and manufacturing.

Commitment to Authorities and Clients:

Our clientele includes local, national, and federal law enforcement agencies, and military organizations. We ensure full engagement with relevant authorities to guarantee optimal outcomes for every project. Maverick Tactical is dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of law enforcement and military personnel, delivering solutions that are not just advanced but also reliable and strategic in every operation.


With a visionary approach and a passion for unmanned systems, Adam T. Shaw, the CEO of Maverick Tactical, stands at the forefront of technological innovation in the defense sector.

Founding Maverick Drone Systems in 2014 and extending his expertise to Maverick Tactical, Adam has been instrumental in revolutionizing drone technology and its applications for military and law enforcement. His hands-on leadership and commitment to excellence have propelled Maverick Tactical to become a key player in providing cutting-edge unmanned solutions.

Adam's enthusiasm for drone technology and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible reflect in every aspect of Maverick Tactical's operations.


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