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Unitree G1
Unitree G1
Unitree G1
Unitree G1
Unitree G1

Unitree G1

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Unlock unlimited sports potential (Extra large joint movement space angle, 23~43 joints) 

Force control of dexterous hands, manipulation of all thingsImitation & reinforcement learning driven 

Robot world model, let’s create it together 

Height, width and thickness (standing): 1270x450x200mm
Height, width and thickness (folded): 690x450x300mm
Weight with battery: approx. 35kg
Total freedom (joint motor): 23
Freedom of one leg: 6
Waist Freedom: 1
Freedom of one arm: 5
Single-handed freedom: Dexterous hand and double-freedom wrist optional
Maximum knee torque: 90N.m
Maximum arm load: 2kg
Calf + thigh length: 0.6m
Arm arm span: approx. 0.45m
Extra large joint movement space Lumbar Z-axis joint: ±155°
Knee joint: 0~165°
Hip joint: P±154°, R-30~+170°, Y±158°”
Full joint hollow internal alignment: Yes
Joint encoder: dual encoder
Heat dissipation system: localized air-cooled heat dissipation
Power supply: 13 series battery
Base Computing Power: 8-core high performance CPU
Sensor: Depth camera + 3D LIDAR
WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2: Yes
Smart battery (quick release) 1pc
Charger 1pc
Handheld remote control 1 set
Endurance: about 2h
Intelligent OTA upgrade: support
Secondary development: no
Warranty: 8 months

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