ML150 Matrix Light

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ML150 Matrix Light

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The CZIL150 Illumination light features a power of 150W, a single lumen of up to 15000LM, and 48V power supply, which can be better used in combination with the tied UAV system. It has a 30° high concentration concave lens, which can effectively concentrate the light and provide a wide range of bright lighting.

The patented CZI lighting can be combined with the DJI Matrice 300 RTK UAV to form a compact and convenient high-altitude large-range emergency lighting system, which can provide rapid and high-quality large-range lighting for night-time emergency rescue, accident handling, hunting and investigation, film and television shooting among other applications. • Weight: 250g • Light Angle: 30 degrees • Rated Power: 150W • Max Brightness: 15,000 Lumens

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