Unitree Aliengo

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Unitree Aliengo

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Equipped with 2 units Depth camera and 1 unit vision odometer camera;
Support human follow, body recognition, depth perception, real-time HD
video transmission, vslam, gesture recognition, machine learning
Equipped with 1 unit Mini-PC(Core i7) and 1 unit NVIDIA TX2, support
high-level and low-level real time development& API. Equipped with 1
unit AlienGo battery Equipped with abundant external
interface,HDMI*2,Ethernet Port*2,USB 3.0*2,USB 2.0*1,Power
output:5V,12V,19V,24V,Power Input 24V and RS485x1,With M5 T-slot rails
Support walk, trot, stand up after falling, roll over, jump, etc.

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